400 People Freed from Slavery!

On September 26 and 27, 400 people were freed from slavery in Sudan through CSI’s underground slave liberation network, and returned to their homeland in South Sudan. The enslaved people were either abducted during Sudan’s Islamist regime’s genocide against South Sudan from 1983-2005, or born into slavery. Thanks to CSI’s donors, they are all free!


Some of the 400 South Sudanese people freed from slavery through CSI’s network September 26-27!


Our medical staff traveled to the field to treat the wounds of the freed slaves, most of whom never saw a doctor while in captivity. Over 70 freed people received medical treatment.


Daniel, one of our field medical staff, speaks to a woman freed from slavery about her medical needs.
Goats for everyone!


The slavery survivors also received Sacks of Hope and food.

Preparing a feast to welcome the people back from the North!

Aluet was stabbed and left for dead after she tried to prevent the slave raiders from taking her children away from her in the North. “My four children are still in North Sudan and I do not know anything about them,” she told us. Read Aluet’s story. 

The slave raiders killed Abuk’s brother and two sisters when she was abducted in 1988. Our slave retrievers helped her escape on a motorbike after they met her at the well. Read Abuk’s story.

CSI’s South Sudan Program Manager, Franco Majok, with Wol, who lost his left eye to one of his master’s beatings. “I thank God and I thank the people from America who freed me,” he said. Read Wol’s story.


Yar never knew how she came to be in slavery, until the day her master screamed at her, “I will kill you like my father killed your mother!” Read Yar’s story.


Help us rescue more people from slavery!