Akeen Gon Bol (Liberated February 2014)

tumblr_inline_ncu0mjHjsJ1r3mrtfAchol Deng: Akeen is too small to remember being abducted.  He was just a toddler at the time.  It was a disaster.  We had fled from South Sudan to Mujlet, Kordofan, in North Sudan, to escape the fighting.  The murahileen attacked us before we could reach Mujlet.  People ran in all different directions.  I ran one way.  Akeen ran another.  We were both captured separately.  I was taken to Mujlet; he was taken to Matek.

I was freed from slavery two years ago.  The Arab slave retriever brought Akeen back here a month ago.  He is a good man.

We hugged when we saw each other.  I felt so good.  He’s an adult now!  I gave praise to the people who brought him back.  I was always thinking about him, but I didn’t think we would meet again.  This is by the grace of the Lord.

I have four smaller children.  They and Akeen’s father are all here.

Akeen: I don’t remember the South, only that I was abducted.  I am happy to be back here in my homeland.  Life in the North was bad.  The Arabs beat me and ordered me around.  I haven’t met the rest of my family yet, but we will meet tonight.  I am very excited.  We will hug each other and celebrate.  I didn’t know we would meet again.

Akeen’s freedom was secured for about $50 of cattle vaccine. Thousands more South Sudanese people are still trapped in slavery in North Sudan. Please help us bring them home: www.csi-usa.org/donate/