An Update on the Current Conflict in South Sudan

Dr. John Eibner, CEO, Christian Solidarity International (CSI-USA):

Violent political power struggles are currently creating humanitarian disasters throughout the north of sub-Saharan Africa from Nigeria and  Mali in the west, through Central African Republic to Sudan and Somalia in the East. The sudden eruption of a headline-grabbing armed rebellion in South Sudan just before Christmas is just the latest symptom of the devastating instability afflicting this vast region.

As of this writing, CSI’s slave  liberation operations in the borderlands of Sudan and South Sudan have not been interrupted. Dr. Luka’s CSI-supported clinic in Wanyjok continues to provide medical services to those afflicted with illness.

If the rebellion continues and spreads, Dr. Luka and CSI’s local staff might be confronted with a large influx of destitute refugees from other parts of the country.

South Sudanese religious leaders, representing all major Christian denominations and tribes, have issued the following appeal:

“God Save Our Nation of South Sudan. We are urgently seeking peace and ceasefire and would welcome the world to intervene and put an end to the rampant killing of innocent women, children, the disabled and the elderly.”

Please pray for peace in South Sudan.