Christmas Gifts of HOPE

For Suffering Families

Your gift today will provide HOPE for a persecuted Christian somewhere in the world today — Sudan, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan, Nigeria … everywhere CSI is at work, you will be sharing the peace and hope of Christmas!

For each donation made in honor of a friend or loved one, CSI will send a letter to the recipient, letting them know that a gift has been made in their name. Here’s how: Click “donate here for Christmas In-Honor Gift”. Enter your loved one’s name and address, and the gift you are giving, and we’ll send a CSI Christmas In-Honor letter on your behalf! To ensure letters arrive before Christmas, please complete your  In-Honor donation before December 15, 206.

A Gift of Aid in South Sudan

$50 Freedom for a slave
$50 A survival kit that includes:

  • Cooking pot
  • Wool blanket
  • Collapsible jerry can
  • Plastic sheeting (4×5)
  • 16” sickle
  • Mosquito tent
  • Empty sorghum bags
  • Fishing hooks

$60 A goat to help a freed person make a living
$25 Seeds and hoes for planting for a family threatened by hunger.
$125 A bag of sorghum grain—enough to feed 100 freed slaves for over a week.



A Gift of Aid in the Middle East

$16 A personal hygiene kit for a displaced Christian
$20 Blanket and mattress
$20 A warm winter coat
$21 A space heater
$58 Food for a family for a month

Every donation will make a big difference to someone in need!


Your gift will provide life-saving aid for believers like Alieny Dut Uguom. She was forced into slavery for decades in Sudan — where her Arab “master” abused her, and his children tried to rape her … when she resisted, they shot her! Thank God, you helped to liberate her … and with your Christmas gift today, you’ll be helping persecuted believers like her begin their new lives of freedom. Thank you!