CSI Mission to Help Syrian Christians

CSI-USA’s Dr. John Eibner and Joel Veldkamp were in the Middle East recently to meet with Christian refugees from Syria, and to develop further CSI’s program for supporting Syrian Christians threatened by war and religious cleansing.

Thanks to our supporters, CSI has already been supplying vital humanitarian aid to Christians living on the frontlines of the Syrian Civil War.

On this trip, Dr. Eibner met with partners who help provide food and shelter to destitute survivors who fled the horrors of war, or were expelled from their homes by jihadists fighting against Syria’s government.  CSI is preparing to intensify this aid program.

Please give generously to this project, so that we can show effective solidarity with our persecuted brothers and sisters in Syria!

The war in Syria is growing worse, and leading authorities are beginning to echo the Genocide Warning CSI issued for Syria eighteen months ago.  A report commissioned by the U.S. Holocaust Museum recently warned that Syria is facing “mass atrocities and cleansing that could amount to genocide in some areas.”

For security reasons, we cannot share the names or pictures of these brave Christians, but we would like you to hear some of the stories they shared with us:

  • “All the Christians left Qusayr nine months ago.  The three leading Christian families in the town had been working with the army.  They were massacred in their homes, and then the mosques broadcast messages warning the rest of the Christians to leave.”
  • “The rebels are expelling Christian and Alawite people from their villages in Latakia province and taking their homes.”
  • “I left Homs when the rebels ambushed and massacred a group of 20 soldiers right in front of our building.  We all left, because we were afraid.  I returned two months later and found that the entire monastery had been destroyed by rocket fire and that  crosses and icons had been intentionally desecrated.”
  • “The kidnapping of the two archbishops in Aleppo was like a final warning to us Christians.  If it could happen to them, then nobody is safe from attack.”
  • “When the revolution started, every night at 7 PM I would hear people chanting, ‘Alawites to the grave, Christians to Beirut!’ I was really scared the first time I heard it, so I closed my pharmacy and went home.  But it happened every night.”
  • “The entire Christian quarter of Homs has been destroyed.  The rebels chose to fight the government there, and when the Christians left to escape the fighting, they took over their homes.  Now their homes are all gone.”
  • “This is our country.  The Middle East cannot live without Christians.  It won’t work.  Please help us stay here.”

Please help our Christian brothers and sisters in Syria survive this terrible war!  Through our partners in Syria, we can feed a family of five in a war-torn city for a month for just $60.00.  We will also help meet other urgent needs for these survivors, such as shelter, clothing and medical aid.

Please give today!

Thank you!