CSI’s response to the bombing in Syria

Dr. John Eibner, the CEO of CSI-USA, responds to the new U.S. bombing campaign against Syria in an op-ed piece in The Tablet:

“Washington has signaled a new, more overtly military phase of intervention in Syria. The American war against Syria did not begin with Donald Trump. Barack Obama launched his war in the summer of 2011, claiming that it was necessary to produce ‘democratic transition.’ This fiction masked Washington’s paramount geopolitical goal – to deny adversaries, particularly Iran and Russia, space in Syria, or, if space could not be denied, to make these powers bleed.

“…Most of the blood has not been drawn from Iran, Russia, nor from Syria’s privileged political elite, but from the Syrian people. The country has been transformed into one of the world’s worst humanitarian disaster zones. Over half of the population has been displaced; more than half a million have perished; non-Sunni religious minorities have been ‘cleansed’ from all areas that were conquered by western-backed ‘moderate’ jihadists, as well as those controlled by the Islamic State and al-Qaeda.

“As Trump, Macron and May ramp up military action in Syria, they need to be asked: Does their war in Syria conform to western civilisation’s traditional ‘just war’ doctrine as set forth by Saints Augustine and Thomas Aquinas?”

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