Dr. Eibner: “Any peace plan for Syria must involve a secular society”

Dr. John Eibner, the CEO of CSI-USA, and the director of CSI’s Middle East Program, has a new op-ed on the Syria crisis and the Paris attacks in The Tablet

“[An international plan for Syria] must encompass vigorous military and political measures against not only the Islamic State, but also the broader jihadist movement from which the Isis has emerged. If left undone, a defeated Isis, will simply morph into a new, possibly more potent institutional structure.

“But it is crucial that the war plan is complemented by a credible peace plan. The peace component must demonstrate robust support for the recently resumed UN-sponsored negotiations between the United States and Russia, and their respective allies.

“It would be unconscionable if a Syrian peace process were again to be torpedoed by western resumption of the tired old mantra ‘Assad must go.’

“Too much is at stake, for both the Middle East and Europe.”

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