Pastor Heidi McGinness

Christian Solidarity International’s Director of Outreach, Reverend Heidi McGinness, known throughout the world as “Pastor Heidi,” is retiring.

Pastor Heidi leaves a legacy of saved lives and freed captives. This video gives glimpses into her outreach efforts in South Sudan.

[youtube v=”IVUzFWK0TrI”]

“What all of us did together in the last 14 years to free thousands of our siblings from jihadi slavery in Sudan would not have been possible without the Lord and our relentless resolve to end slavery in our day. Thank you everyone for inviting me into your homes, churches and hearts. Thank you for joining hands and hearts with CSI and with me to form a holy procession into Sudan to free our brothers and sisters and give them freedom and hope. I will continue to be an ardent abolitionist, supporter of CSI‘s mission and I invite you to do likewise. Thank you; God bless you. I will see you in your hometown, in the Parousia or in Glory!”

– Pastor Heidi McGinness