Urge Obama to Demand End to Saudi Persecution

Dear friends,

Saudi Arabia flagTomorrow, President Obama is traveling to Saudi Arabia, to meet with the leaders of that country.

Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s leading persecutors of Christians:

–          There are no churches in Saudi Arabia – by law.

–          It is illegal to bring Bibles into the country.

–          All Saudi citizens are required by law to be Muslim.

–          Christian guest workers are often tortured, arrested and deported for simple acts like gathering for worship in a private home.

–          Women are not allowed to drive or even show their faces in public.

–          Saudi Arabia is a leading funder and arms supplier for jihadists who are massacring and expelling Christians in Syria.Christians in Syria are in danger of being wiped out because of Saudi Arabia‘s destructive role in that conflict.

Despite all this, President Obama’s advisor Ben Rhodes called this alliance “one of our most important relationships in the Middle East.”

Are you happy about this?

We aren’t.  CSI’s Dr. John Eibner has written to President Obama, asking him to make “the U.S.-Saudi alliance conditional on fundamental change in the repressive and destabilizing behaviour of the Saudi state.”

If you agree, please take a few seconds to:

1.       Sign this petition asking President Obama to demand reforms in Saudi Arabia.

2.       Pass it to your friends.

Thanks to you, the number of people who understand these truths is growing.  It may take time, but together, we will be heard!

In solidarity,

The CSI Team