Ajok Deng Gok (Liberated March 2015)

  • Age
  • Muslim/ Arab Name
  • Enslaved Since
  • Date Freed

Age: 52

Enslaved: 1998

Liberated: March 2015

I was captured during the Mapada battles in the war. I was
cooking in my home in the evening when I heard the sound of gunshots. I ran to
the forest to hide, but the Arabs found me hiding under trees, and two Arab men
pulled me up and forced me to walk with them. When we came out of the forest, I
saw many dead bodies on the ground, but I was not able to count them. The Arabs
were calling us “jengai” [a racial epithet] and pushing us. Many Dinkas were
captured and gathered in one camp.  The
Arabs forced us to walk with them for ten days, until we reached North Sudan.
We had nothing to eat but the Arabs’ leftover food. They told us to listen to
them or they would kill us.

I was raped by four Arabs. This is what kept me alive. Two
of the captured Dinka women refused to be raped, and the Arabs killed them.

When we arrived to Darapat in North Sudan, we were divided
up. I was given to an Arab master named Anuor Majeth. He had 3 wives and 13
children. I had to clean their house, collect water, collect wood for cooking
and wash dishes. I ate alone and slept alone. Anytime I asked to take a break
from work, the Arab master’s wives would beat me and call me “dirty,” “slave,”
“jengai,” like an animal.

There are many Dinka slaves in Darapat. When I heard that an
Arab man had come to Daraput to take southerners back home, and the Arab master’s wives continued treating me badly, I escaped at night and met with the
slave retriever. He took me to his camp and brought me back to South Sudan,
walking on foot.

Ajok was freed through the donations of ordinary people. You can help us bring more people like Ajok home: www.csi-usa.org/slavery/