Aker Makor Mawein (Liberated March 2015)

  • Age
  • Muslim/ Arab Name
  • Enslaved Since
  • Date Freed

Age: 25 years old

Enslaved: 1998

Liberated: March 2015

In 1998, there was fighting between the Arabs and Sudanese
People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) in my area. I was still very young. The Arabs
came shooting at any Dinka they found. I ran to hide in the forest, but the
Arabs captured me and put me on a horse before I could reach the forest. I
never saw my parents again.

I do not remember how many days we walked to North Sudan.
The Dinka men who had been captured with me were beaten if they walked slowly.
When we reached North Sudan, I was given to Mohamed Hassan. He had 3 wives –
Mariam, Hawa and Hassa – and 10 children. In his home, I washed dishes,
collected water and cleaned the house. I used to work all day.

I was forced to be a Muslim. I was told that to be a good
Muslim, I couldn’t eat dead cow. I had to work very hard during Ramadan, when I
was also forced to fast.

Mohamed Hassan would rape me at night. I was not
happy to be with him, because he raped me and called me bad names, like “slave”
and “jengai” [a racial epithet]. When I grew up, he gave me to another Dinka
slave called Angok. One day, Angok, went to the market with our two older
children, and left me alone at home with younger child. While they were gone,
the slave retriever came. I left with him, and took my youngest child with me. But
I had to leave my two older children in North Sudan. I want my children back,
if there is anyone to help me.

You can help us liberate people enslaved in North Sudan, including Aker’s children: www.csi-usa.org/slavery/