Akot Wol Lual (Liberated March 2015)

  • Age
  • Muslim/ Arab Name
  • Enslaved Since
  • Date Freed

Age: 45

Enslaved: 1988

Liberated: March 2015

On the day I was captured, I was looking after my family’s
cows, since I was the oldest son in the family. I heard a gunshot and saw the
Arabs approaching, and I started running to the forest. But the Arabs were on
horses, and they caught up to me. They started beating me with wooden sticks,
and tied my hands. They took me to an open area where many captured Dinka men
and women had been gathered. They put us in a single line, and forced us to
march to North Sudan. People who walked slowly were beaten and threatened with
death. We had only boiled sorghum to eat.

After seven days, we arrived in Meiram in North Sudan, where
we were divided up. I was given to a man named Ahmed, who took me to Magadam.
He had two wives, Nhima, the first, and Hawa. His children were not good to me.
They called me bad names. I had to look after the cows, and work in the farm
for long hours. Ahmed would beat me whenever I lost a cow. He never treated me
with respect. He also forced me to be a Muslim. I ate alone and slept alone in
a mud hut.

When I heard that the Arab slave retriever had come to the
area, I escaped at night and met him in a nearby village. He put me in his
truck and took me to his base, where I met many other Dinka people he had taken
out of slavery. We walked to the south together for six days.

I am very happy to be back to South Sudan even though I have
not found my relatives. But I think about other Dinka people who are still in

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