Alou Mawien Anei (Liberated March 2015)

  • Age
  • Muslim/ Arab Name
  • Enslaved Since
  • Date Freed

I was in the cattle camp when the Arabs came. They attacked
early in the morning. The Arabs took all our cattle, and captured me and many
of the other men as well. We were forced to walk to North Sudan for ten days.

I was given to Hassan in the north. He had two wives, and
seven children. My work in slavery was to wash their clothes, and make tea for
the men. Hassan mistreated me, and called me bad names, like “dog,” and “dirty.”
In this area, there were many Dinka slaves.

Hassan gave me a Dinka slave woman as a wife. Her name is
Atak Mawien Atoujong, but the Arabs called her “Mariam.” We have seven children
together: three girls and four boys. The girls are named Fatima, Zaynab and
Jihad. The boys are named Majidy, Mubarak, Majub, and Mohammed. We had to give
all of them Arab names.

One day, when I was in the market, one of the Arab slave
retrievers met me. He asked me if I wanted to go back to South Sudan. I did not
have my wife and children with me, but I agreed to go with him anyway, and he
put me on his truck and brought me to where the rest of the people coming out
of slavery were staying. We walked together to South Sudan for six days.

I am not happy here. I need to get my wife and my children
back from the north, out of slavery.

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