Slave Rescue Mission in Progress!

Dear Friends,

Freed Slaves

As you read this, my team and I are in South Sudan meeting with a group of people who have been rescued from slavery by CSI’s underground network. Learn More about our slave redemption program here

These people are returning home with nothing but the clothes on their back.  Many of them have illnesses and severe wounds from their masters.  We are trying to reunite them with their families, and providing them with medical care, essential survival supplies, and a female goat.

You can support this effort by making an immediate donation.  $50 purchases enough cattle vaccine to exchange for a person’s freedom.  Another
$50 is enough to buy that person a survival kit. Your gifts of any size will make a huge difference for our captive brothers and sisters. Please make a donation here

All of these people were either kidnapped and enslaved during Sudan’s civil war, or born into slavery.  There is peace now between North and South Sudan, but it is fragile, and we do not know how long it may last.  This peace has given us a window of opportunity, and we are determined to free as many people as we can.

The UN and other international organizations are doing little to nothing to free the slaves of Sudan. But working together, you and I can prevent another generation from being born into slavery in Sudan.

Freed slave NyibolI am still learning the stories of the people I have met here, but sadly, after undertaking many missions like this one, I know what to expect.  I expect to meet people like Nyibol, an eight-year-old girl I met on my last trip to South Sudan.  Nyibol had a huge, infected wound on her leg.  She told me that her master had attacked her with a machete when he found her playing with other enslaved children.

Nyibol had no knowledge of life outside of slavery.  She did not know who her parents were, or where her home village was.

But she knew one thing.

As Frederick Douglass, the great American abolitionist, once said, “There is
not a man beneath the canopy of heaven, that does not know that slavery is
wrong for him.”

Thank you for working with CSI to defend this truth.


Dr. John Eibner